S.E.W. means Saving Endangered Wildlife. This is a game to learn hand-sewing techniques by completing the patterns
on the endangered rainforest animals. It comes with 8 animal pieces with stitch-holes for easy assembly and an instruction book.

The animals are completed by hand-sewing and kids can also create their own animal design. It includes the level of sewing difficulty from

Level 1 to Level 8. SEW will teach kids not only hand-sewing techniques but also about endangered species in the rainforest.

Level 1. Three-toed Sloth
Level 2. Manatee
Level 3. Golden Lion Monkey
Level 4. Toucan
Level 5. Jaguar
Level 6. Sea Turtle
Level 7. Dart Poison Frog
Level 8. Harpy Eagle

Pattern book, 16 color threads, Buttons and Needles

Art Director: Joe Scorsone

Game project 2012


SEW_6544.jpg SEW_6339.jpgSEW_6344.jpg

SEW_6357.jpg SEW_6372.jpgSEW_6556.jpg SEW_6567.jpgSEW_6586.jpgSEW_6386.jpg SEW_6420.jpg SEW_6429.jpg